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Home is a very special place. Our optimally coordinated furniture programmes provide comfortable surroundings for all those little and big events. Be inspired by simply clicking on our brochures and leafing through the pages, or by downloading and printin

Handmade with Passion

Each and every person has their own unique definition of beauty, particularly when it comes to furnishing your home. Your interior design needs to express you and your tastes if you’re ever going to feel at home in your own four walls.

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BW Bielefelder Werkstätten Magazin

Home is a very special place. Depending on the situation and the mood you can enjoy it in many very different ways. As comfortable surroundings for all those little and big events that make up a dynamic family life. As an inspiring setting where you repeatedly enjoy discussions and celebrations with friends. Or as a protective hideaway that provides a calm atmosphere and the perfect place to relax. 

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Carpets with Fashion

Sometimes it’s also worth looking down. That’s because with the new, exclusive carpet range from the Bielefelder Werkstätten you can spread a pleasant ambience throughout your living space and enhance your surroundings in sophisticated style.

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The name INSPIRATION says it all. The upholstery line’s refreshing concept offers design enthusiasts a multifaceted range of countless ideas for being creative. The elegant modules provide even greater creative scope, as they can be combined anew time and again.

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