Andreas Weber

I pursue a holistic approach with my work. Architecture, interior design, product design and graphic elements come together to form a whole.

Annette Lang

Reality begins with dreams. The design process is a search for something new, for innovation, for the future.

Bernd Münzebrock

My designs are intended to be timeless and long lasting. For me a product is perfect when form, function and material are in harmony.

Carsten Gollnick

I don’t design things for an intellectual vacuum but rather as objects that are intended for people to enjoy as a kind of everyday culture.


Designschneider si concentra sia sul prodotto, sulla mobilia e sull’esposizione sia sulla ricerca di mercato.

Georg Appeltshauser

The focus of my work is the conception and design of functional furniture with a maximum of flexibility.

Markus Kerker

Per lui gli aspetti più importanti sono: le componenti sensuali del design e l’attenzione ai dettagli in ogni fase del processo di realizzazione.

Schnabel, Schneider

We know that it is the details of a product that trigger emotion. That’s why our work always begins with a profound analysis.

Edgar J. Reuter

Slim, simple and harmonious – Edgar J. Reuter's designs are distinguished by their minimalist and very aesthetic lines.