Teatime proves that even classics like a standard lamp can be improved upon. The beautiful lamp creates a very pleasant atmosphere thanks to its glare-free and focused light. Furthermore, the integrated shelf is extremely practical. This is made of ash and may be oiled, stained or varnished. The chintz shade is available in the combination-friendly colours of cream, dark brown and black.


A handle wrapped around with a leather cord allows Teatime to be placed wherever a companionable get-together is planned.


De l’atmosphère pour chaque pièce

Une lampe qui à travers sa lumière focalisée et antireflet diffuse une belle atmosphère dans une pièce et met parfaitement en scène les objets favoris. TEATIME est d’une dimension non négligeable, mais il est facile de la déplacer grâce à sa poignée en fil métallique entourée de cuir. De beaux et fins détails, comme la poignée entourée d’un cordon de cuir rehaussent le design et transforment Teatime en une sculpture de décoration intérieure.



“I don’t design things for an intellectual vacuum but rather as objects that are intended for people to enjoy as a kind of everyday culture. This approach stems from the Bauhaus tradition. The focus of the design is on people and their living space. That’s why I always see the function of a product as also being psychological, emotional, perhaps even spiritual.”

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